Top Five Most Beautiful Women in Hollywoodfeatured

hollywoodWe cannot ignore the glamour, sex appeal and beauty brought to our screens by female actors.It is only fair that we give them the credit they deserve for their accomplishments.Here are the top five most beautiful women in Hollywood

  1. Jennifer Aniston

She was born in 1969 in LosAngeles California. She started off as a Broadway actor.The breakthrough in her career waswhen she started in the hit comedy series‘friends’, which aired on NBC. She has, since then starred in many big Hollywood movies likeBruce almighty, in 2004 and films like Rumor has it in 2004. She has won an Emmy for her role in ‘friends’,a Golden globe and a screen actor guild award.Men health magazine voted her sexiest woman of all times.

  1. Cameron Diaz

Born in 1972 in San Diego California, she is an American born actress and former model. She started out her career as amodel at the age of 16at Elite model management. At age 21 she auditioned for the movie the mask which was her first main acting job. She has received for Golden globe awards and also won New York film critics best lead actress award.

  1. Natalie Portman

Born in 1981,her first role in the big screen was when she starred in the action movie Leon- the professional. However, her mainstream success was when she starred as Padme Amidala in the star wars prequel trolology.She has then starred in big movies like Black swan,No strings attached, your highness and most recently,Thor .She won the Golden globe awardin 2005 and an academy awards for best supporting actress.

  1. Halle Berry

Born in 1966, she moved to New York City in 1989 to pursue her acting dreams where she got her first acting role in the ABC series,Living dolls.Her film debut was a small role in Jungle fever where she played the role of a drug addict .She has since starred in big movie like X-men(2000) and its sequels .She has won academy award for best actress and the only black American actress to win an Oscar for a leading role.

  1. Angelina Jolie

Born in 1975, she started her acting career together with her father in looking to get out in the year 1982. She also starred in the movie Cyborg 2. Her first film role was in Hackers (1995).She has established herself as one of the highest paid actress in Hollywood. She is also a UN ambassador and took part in various humanitarian programs. Among many other awards, she has won an academy for her role in girl interrupted.

23 May 2014

Diet of the Starsfeatured

One may ask how celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry among others keep that weight in check while still eating healthy well its real simple;

By observing an alkaline diet, this can be achieved by eating foods which are rich in fruits and vegetables and curtail consumption of foods which are acid forming like pasta meat and fish. The goal is to keep the body pH balance between 7.35 and 7.45 .This can be easily done by using diet books like’ Eating the alkaline way. Some of the celebrities who have adopted this method include Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston and Kristen Dunst.


  • The M-plan diet

Celebrities like Katy Perry have adopted this method by eating mushroom for lunch and super for about 14 days, and then wait for the magic to happen as the pounds slip down. The M-diet is great for losing weight from area s like the stomach and thighs while still allowing the dieter to keep her womanly shape.

  • The five factor diet

It is a brainchild of celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. The plan is to cook food with only five ingredients or less and then follow his vigorous exercise system. Some of the celebrities who are big fans of the method include Halle berry, Alicia fox and Jessica Simpson.

Tracy Anderson who is a celebrity trainer started the nationwide food delivery program that guarantees weight loss when combined with his work out methods. Using foods found in his menu like Provencal eggs, coconut flan and also providing a separate plan for vegetarians he has provided means for healthy weight loss, some of the celebrity who can be identified with this method are Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Stars like Christina Aguilera are big fans of the diet, which is usually fresh, is normally delivered at homes thanks to Le-CordonBleu, a professional chef. This program is composed of quite a big menu with eating meals like strawberry pancakes, stuffed pork, mango as well as key lime cheese cake twice a week.

  • The beauty detoxes solution

This has been used, mostly, by celebrities who want to shed their baby weight the plan is to increase plants in one diet and also drinking a lot of juice. Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder has also provided guidelines to the method .Some of the celebrities who have used the method include Drew Barrymore and pop singer Fergie.

These are just a small portion of what your celebrities get in their daily diets. Nonetheless, the above mentioned diets are not strictly for celebrities, you too can get them.

Image Credit: Flick’r User Smemon

23 May 2014

Top Celebrity Workout Tipsfeatured

Are you a celebrity or would you want to be one? Do you know the secrets of keeping fit? Well, that is something that you must, beyond any reasonable doubt, give a priority for many reasons. However, keeping fit, particularly for celebrities is not as easy as it may sound more so given their tight schedules among other things.

But did you know that you can make your training and your fitness program quite an easy one just by following a number of tips? Yeah, that is absolutely possible. These tips have been tried, tested and found working. They include;

  • Eating well

It is a fact that goes unmentioned that eating well, and balanced diet for that matter, is the first recommended way of making sure that you are fit. However, some celebrities usually cut on their meals without clear directions from doctors as a means to either lose weight or trying to keep the right weight. It has been proven that when you cut calories intake, your metabolism slows something which actually backfire and lead to putting on a lot of weight, instead of cutting it.

  • Taking walks

It is understandable that most celebrities run a very tight schedule. However, it would be very wise to try and create some time to go for walks. Uphill walks to be precise. Uphill walks are always considered to be the best and most effective cardio exercise. Here, you will need to tighten your butt, lower legs and thighs.

  • Dumbbells

Are you looking forward to tone your muscles? Dumbbell is the simple solution. Unlike when using machines, dumbbell allows your body to move in the most natural manner.

  • Body twists

A lot of people tend to shy off this exercise but it is in fact one of the most effective way to keep fit. It ought to be atop your to-do-exercises. The twists should target your obliques or sides of your stomach in a lay man’s language.

These, among many others, are simple yet very effective means through which you, as a celebrity can keep fit and avoid running into any health or weight issues. You can do more research or consult widely in order to pick and use the training that will give you good and long lasting results at the end of the day. However, before engaging in any of the above mention fitness routine, it is essential to see your doctor first and be advised accordingly.

23 May 2014

Top Products Celebrities Use To Stay Looking Great

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACelebrities today need all the help they can get when it comes to turning back the clock and looking great.  There are a few products though that are more commonly used that really seem to help some of the most famous stars in Hollywood turn back the clock.  We are going to break down some of the best products that you can get that will keep both the celebs and you looking great while keeping it easy on your pocketbook.

#1:  Anti-Aging Cream:  This one is a big one.  All the major stars seem to use something to help their skin from getting aged and wrinkled and Anti-Aging cream is one of them.  Most female stars look at their skin as something that they put a lot of value on, so they make sure to take meticulous care of their skin when they go to bed at night.  Anti-Aging cream helps fight wrinkles and keep skin looking firm.

#2:  Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces:  You can’t look great if you aren’t getting a great night’s sleep.  Taking care of your skin and hair are just part of the equation.  Snoring reducing oral devices like those featured at will help you get a great night’s sleep and keep you feeling refreshed just like top celebrities feel on a daily basis.  Some of the best celebrity advisors will tell you just how important sleep is.  One celebrity doctor was noted as saying “without sleep, aging is a foregone conclusion.”  It’s interesting that he also talked about snoring mouthpieces in the same interview.  He recommends snoring mouthpieces as something that every person should look into using even if you have a mild snoring problem that is less severe.

#3:  Valerian Root:  along the same lines of snoring mouthpieces, many top celebs are looking to natural sleep remedies to help them get a good night’s sleep.  Valerian Root has been a popular and effective natural remedy to treat sleeping problems for years and is becoming more popular in today’s Hollywood culture.

#4:  Natural Oils:  A lot of celebrities are using natural oils on their face to minimize breakouts and help them look great.  Many noted celebrities are using coconut oil to keep their pores clean.  It might seem counter intuitive to do so, but it’s a common practice used by natural product enthusiasts.

#5:  Leave in Conditioners:  Lastly we want to talk hair.  Many top stars are experimenting with leave in conditioners that help keep their colored and styled hair packed with moisture to keep it from being damaged and looking great.  It’s just one more effective tool to fight the unwanted natural effects of aging that’s being used by some of the top stars today.

12 Jul 2014

How Celebrities Keep Their Mansions Secure

With burglaries and robberies at celebrity homes making the news every few months, especially over the last decade, people must wonder what steps they are taking to keep their mansions safe, especially when they are at home and vulnerable to potential attack. After all, who can forget the vicious knife-attack on George Harrison at his home in 1999 that nearly cost him his life? Since then, many celebrities have gone to impressive lengths to safeguard their homes, their valuables, and themselves. Here is an overview of their security measures.



Security Systems

Home security is a constantly evolving industry that undergoes technological revolutions at about the same speed as the computer industry. That said, even the most high-tech security system is not foolproof and can be undermined in a variety of ways including, exploitable glitches, having an inside man, and even simply forgetting to arm the system. Despite having top-dollar systems, many celebrities still fall victim to burglary and even home invasion, although many of these incidents are prevented using security systems too. Following a spate of robberies attributed to the Bling Ring, many celebrities have added technologically advanced and incredibly extensive security systems to their homes. Only time will tell if these advances can keep them safe and sound.


Many celebrities also employ professional bodyguards to manage their security both at home and when traveling. Like high-end security systems, this arrangement can be quite costly, although most celebrities, whether concerned about stalkers, burglars, or just the paparazzi, consider bodyguards a modern necessity. For those who wonder about the quality of protection a hired bodyguard can provide, it is wise to remember than many of these gentlemen are former military or police with training that far exceeds what one might expect for someone who appears to be little more than a very athletic-looking chauffeur. For most people, however, bodyguards are out of the question in terms of protecting their homes and themselves.

Personal Protection

Gun ownership is on the rise among celebs seeking the best form of personal protection available. Those licensed to carry include Robert De Niro and Clint Eastwood, of course, but also celebrities like Miranda Lambert and Johnny Depp. Lambert received death threats a number of years ago, inspiring her decision to acquire personal protection, in addition to other methods of maintaining security.

For home protection, however, secure storage is a must-have, especially for celebrities with young children. This requires a gun safe or more modern firearms vault. For top-quality storage possibilities, just like celebrities use, the best gun safe reviews @ Gun Safe Critic are a great place to learn more. Because so many break-ins and home invasion occur at night, having convenient bedroom storage is a key aspect of maintaining a secure home environment. This has increased the popularity of the Nightstand Gun Safe in recent years for celebrities, business people, and families.

Overall, celebrities may have access to higher quality security options, like high-tech home security systems and bodyguards, but everyone can take a lesson from those who have opted to make their home security more personal, including owning firearms.

18 Jun 2014

Celebrity Workout Routines – How the Stars Stay in Shape

Everyone wants that amazing celebrity body. Well, the only way to get a Hollywood-worthy bod is by doing the same workouts that you favorite stars do. From kayaking to yoga, celebrity workouts come in all types, which means that there is sure to be a celeb workout that is right for you. Here are how some of your favorite celebs stay in shape.

Celebrity Exercise


Kayaking is an amazing workout. It strengthens both the upper body and the core. Unsurprisingly, a lot of celebs enjoy kayaking as a way to get a toned and fit physique while working out in the great outdoors. Celebrities like Jennifer Hudson and Brody Jenner have been snapped kayaking to have fun and stay in shape while on vacation. A tandem kayak like these shown here, can be a great way to workout with a partner, while a fishing kayak can be a fun way to get a little exercise while doing some fishing.


Yoga is a phenomenal way to tone your muscles, gain flexibility and slim down. Actresses who do yoga are often known for their lithe dancers’ bodies. Not only does yoga give you amazing results, but it also works to calm the mind and improve mood and sleep patterns. This must be why yoga-loving celebs like Nina Dobrev and Kate Hudson always look so beautiful and blissful.


Dancing is an amazing workout. It helps you to build muscle, while also burning a ton of calories to help you lose fat and slim down. This must be why celebs who are known for their amazing dancing skills are also known for their hot bods. Professional dance buffs like Britney Spears and Julianne Hough can attribute their stunning bodies to regular dancing.


Spinning is, without a doubt, the fastest way to burn calories and get rid of fat. This must be why skinny starlets like Taylor Swift and Mila Kunis have been spotted leaving spinning classes on more than one occasion. Look for classes at your local gym that have energetic instructors and play fun fast-tempo tunes to keep you pumped up and moving.

No matter what workout you choose, anything that gets you sweating will help to get you closer to that celebrity body of your dreams. Find something that keeps you excited and intrigued and you’re sure to get closer to that Hollywood body that you’ve always wanted.

08 Jun 2014

Styling Tools Hollywood Actresses Use To Get Great Curls

HollywoodHollywood actresses may seem totally glamorous, but believe it or not, they don’t wake up looking camera ready. From makeup to styling tools, starlets need the same tools of the trade as we do in order to look their best. If you want hair that is worthy of a walk down the red carpet, then you should use the same styling tools as your favorite stars. Here are some styling tools that Hollywood actresses use to get great curls.

Clip-Free Curling Irons

When most of us picture a curling iron, we picture a barrel with a spring-powered clip. Well, the new craze in hair is to use a curling iron without a clip. You’re probably wondering how it’s possible to style your hair with a tool like this without basically giving yourself a third-degree burn each day. Well, these revolutionary new curling irons come with a heat-proof glove that allows you to use the device without injury. When you use a curling iron that is clip-free, you don’t get any kinks or odd shapes, and the results look less like pageant curls and more like natural, voluminous waves.

Old School Rollers

Yes, you read that correctly. With the trend of pin-straight locks going out of fashion and big, weather girl hair being more of the style, more and more starlets are using old school rollers to get a more voluminous look. Try heated rollers to accomplish this style simply and easily. Not only will they give you great volume, but they are totally easy and mistake-proof. If you’re hair is on the oily side, you might have a hard time with getting the curl to stick. Try one of the shampoos specially designed for treating oily hair from this list put together by experts at Better Hair Day that also specialize in reviewing the best curling wands.

Get Great Hair From The Inside

The biggest style secret of Hollywood starlets is to get great hair from the inside. This means adding healthy and nutritious foods to your diet that will boost your hair’s vibrancy and shine. Here is a list of nutrient-packed super-foods that will give your hair a gorgeous and glossy new breath of life. As a bonus, these foods are all super healthy and low-calorie, which means that they will also help to give you a stunning celeb bod.

Always be on the lookout for new trends if you want to get celebrity style. Remember, at the end of the day, stars are not all that different from us. If you find a product that works for you, don’t ditch it just because it isn’t from some pricey boutique or salon. Even celebs have a few inexpensive “holy grail” products that they swear by above anything else.

05 Jun 2014

How to Get Hair like a Hollywood Star


Hollywood is known for many things ranging from the box office movies, the lifestyle and the glamour and most important the people who make it happen. That is, the stars, who include actors, directors and singers.It is no secret we love this stars infact we idolize these stars and go to the extent of trying to look like them. The only difference is that they have the money and some of these stars have personal wardrobes and hair stylists.I’m going to show you how tips you can usetoget hair like a Hollywood star.

Short hair has been considered to give a casual look. Most women prefer to have long hair since there is a lot you can do with it, however, this is not the case with some women, celebrities for that matter. Some women are cutting their hair, maybe inspired by celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron who have opted to have the short hair look.Nowadays if you have short hair style, there is a lot of versatility.Short hair is more edgy,confident, brave and most important, draws attention to the woman’s face.Also, short hair can be shifted to have different looks on daily bases

Trying to get that celebrity inspired look can be ahit or miss business, taking into consideration that you are the one handling the blow drier at home. With this in mind, stylists have come up with Hollywood hair kits that are made as a guide to help you achieve that Holly wood hair style without going to the salon.

Each kit comprises of the crucial products alongside with a booklet with step by step instructions to help you answer the style question. Some of the super stylists who are supplying these kits include Sally Hershberger; a L.A based stylist. Her kit comprises of three essential looks to pick from; Rock Glam, a Meg- Ryan styled –tousled with a lot of texture, Hiplot, line shaped with random pieces twisted and twirled and the Megawatt shines. The kit is also available  for other diverse choice of options  .this concept has been  commonly been referred to as hair- in-bag concept,and though it looks like it is aimed for the teenagers,it would not hurt for the twenty,thirty and fortysomething’s to make use of the hints provided.

So it is not that hard to pull that celebrity inspired look without to spend that much cash or have a personal stylist for that matter.

23 May 2014
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